Sriracha Caramel

Sriracha Caramel Cheesy Leek Toastie

There's nothing better than a warm, comforting cheesy toastie. Except maybe a Sriracha caramel cheese toastie!! We've put together a super simple recipe that makes the perfect lunch.

Time: 15mins

Serves: 1

Level: Easy

Suitiable for: Vegetarian

  • Sriracha Caramel

  • Cheese - we use a blend of cheddars but feel free to use Gruyere, Scarmoza or your favourite melty cheese

  • One Leek

  • Room temperature butter

  • Salt and Pepper

  • Your favourite sourdough


  1. Chop the leek nice and finely

  2. Grate a generous handful of your cheese of choice

  3. Slice your bread and butter the outside of the bread

  4. Turn the slices over and add a layer of cheese plus a dollop of Sririacha caramel

  5. Sprinkle on the leeks and a smidgen more Sriracha caramel. Pop the other slice on top of the bread, butter side up

  6. Carefully place the sandwich onto a pan on medium to low heat. Low and slow is the key to delicious caramelisation and avoiding burnt bread.

  7. After about four minutes, check how it's cooking by using a spatula to peek at the bottom of the sandwich.

  8. Turn the sandwich once it becomes golden brown. Wait patiently for another four or five minutes as the bottom browns

  9. Remove from heat and you're ready to eat! For that extra je ne sais quois dunk the sandwich in some Sriracha caramel!

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Sriracha Caramel Cheesy Leek Toastie