Sriracha Caramel Baked Mont Dor

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All you need is:

500g Mont Dor wheel (you could give it a go with your favourite boxed wheeled brie or similar either)

Bottle of Sriracha Caramel

Tasty crackers or crusty bread slices

⭐️Heat the oven to 180 degrees

⭐️Cut an X into the cheese round with a sharp knife

⭐️Pour on a decent glug of sriracha caramel - you want to coat the cheese completely

⭐️Put the lid on the bottom of the cheese to stop it leaking and pop the cheese into the oven on a tray to make cleanup quick and easy

⭐️Cook for 15 minutes til melted and gooey

⭐️Enjoy with crackers and an optional (but recommended!) bottle of wine

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